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Peppol to the People: Get to know the world of Peppol

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Whether you're new to Peppol, already familiar with the basics or are looking to deepen your expertise, this webinar provides a wealth of information spanning foundational knowledge to advanced insights.

Join us for a compelling webinar co-hosted by Pagero and OpenPeppol where we shed light on the evolving landscape of Peppol, an increasingly popular framework for the exchange of electronic business documents.

This session will guide you through the fundamentals of Peppol's global adoption and most recent developments, highlighting the latest insights and statistics.

The webinar covers:

  • Peppol's growth: An in-depth analysis of the latest statistics, including member counts and adoption rates across countries.

  • Global expansion: A closer look at the Peppol journeys in non-EU countries like Malaysia and the UAE.

  • Future developments: A glimpse into Europe's ViDA reform and the anticipated announcements coming in mid-May.

60 min

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