Access the Peppol network with Pagero

Both private companies and public organizations can easily connect to the Peppol network using Pagero for fast, secure, compliant trade across borders.

A Peppol Access Point provider with compliance expertise

Pagero is accredited and approved as an Access Point by the relevant authorities in all Peppol regions. Pagero customers are able to communicate with suppliers and customers via the eDelivery Network, convert documents to the correct format and exchange standardized business documents with trading partners.

The advantages of Peppol access with Pagero

Seamless updates

We keep track of the latest requirements and take timely action so you can focus on your business

Format conversion

Pagero handles a large variety of formats so that you only need to handle one format – your own

Local compliance

Your transactions will always fulfil archiving, timestamping, tax reporting and VAT requirements

Global reach

Our interoperability agreements let you reach beyond Peppol and connect to other networks

Webinar: How to choose your Peppol Service Provider

There are 5 crucial factors to keep in mind – watch our webinar to find out what they are!

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Helping shape the future of Peppol

Pagero has been proactive in the development of Peppol since the network was first launched. We are an active member of OpenPeppol — an influential interest group responsible for the governance and maintenance of Peppol. The organisation has nearly 500 members from the public and private sectors in over 40 countries. We are represented in the working groups OpenPeppol Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community (TICC), Post-Award Coordinating Community (PoACC), International Invoice Work Group, and CTC Community (CTCC). 

Blog: What is Peppol?

Peppol is a common framework which offers e-document message standards and a communication network. The overall objective is to enable businesses to communicate electronically with all their counterparts in the procurement process, locally and worldwide, for elevated efficiency and reduced costs.

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What is Peppol? Learn about the Peppol Network, what to look for in a service provider and get answers to frequently asked questions.

The Pagero Network at a glance


Documents sent via Peppol every month


Peppol recipients in Pagero’s network


Peppol issuers in Pagero’s network

Access Peppol with Pagero

Let us take care of the technical work of adapting your documents to the Peppol standard and providing secure access to the network. So you can focus on creating value.
  • Drive efficiency and scalability
  • Comply with local regulations
  • Reach the Peppol network and far beyond

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