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Belgian e-invoicing mandate

Get prepared for Belgium's upcoming B2B e-invoicing requirements with the help of Pagero's e-invoicing solutions.

E-invoicing and CTC requirements in Belgium

Belgium has received Parliamentary approval to implement mandatory electronic invoicing on a national level. As electronic invoicing has long been obligatory in the public sector, taxpayers in the private sector should now prepare to issue and receive e-invoices beginning 1 January 2026. To extend these requirements to all businesses, Belgium plans to continue using the Peppol framework as it does in the public sector. This ensures consistency and ease of transition for businesses adapting to the new regulations. The approved bill aims to streamline invoicing processes and enhance compliance with tax obligations across both public and private sectors in Belgium.

Timeline for the Belgian e-invoicing mandates

September 2023

Updated timelines are released for a B2B mandate, which will complement the existing B2G requirements and begin in January 2026 without a gradual roll-out. When the mandate comes into force, all affected taxpayers will have to issue, exchange, and receive invoices electronically.

February 2024

The Belgian Parliament approved the draft bill created by the Belgian Chamber of Representatives on introducing countrywide electronic invoicing.

January 2026

Implementation of mandatory, country-wide e-invoicing will come into effect on 1 January 2026 for all established businesses (pending derogation from the EU commission).

Webinar: Mandatory e-invoicing in Belgium – how to prepare

Watch this webinar for an expert analysis of Belgium's e-invoicing mandate. Learn about the latest regulatory updates, technical specifications, implementation challenges, and practical tips to optimize your e-invoicing processes and ensure compliance.

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Guide: 5 essential actions for navigating Belgium's e-invoicing mandate

Download our one-page guide on Belgium's e-invoicing mandate with five essential steps to navigate upcoming regulatory changes and prepare for 2026.


FAQ about the Belgian e-invoicing mandate

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