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KSeF e-invoicing

Send and receive e-invoices via KSeF and comply with the upcoming Polish e-invoicing mandate by connecting your business to Pagero’s open, cloud-based network.

E-invoicing via KSeF

Poland adopted Peppol for B2G e-invoicing in November 2019. The course is now set for a nationwide obligation for B2B e-invoicing. For this purpose, the National System of e-Invoicing (KSeF – Krajowy System e-Faktur) is currently being created, which is to be mandatory for all taxpayers doing business in Poland.

The mandate to use KSeF has already been postponed several times. On April 26, 2024, the Ministry of Finance announced a new phased timeline for the KSeF implementation.

Important dates

Oct 2021 – Dec 2021

KSeF pilot phase (e-invoices were not valid for tax purposes).

January 2022

Voluntary e-invoicing phase; recipient consent is required (valid for tax purposes).


Starting February 2026, businesses with sales exceeding PLN 200 million (ca. EUR 46 million) must comply with the KSeF. As of April 2026, all entrepreneurs will fall under the scope.

Webinar: E-invoicing in Eastern Europe

In this recorded webinar, you’ll learn about the latest developments in the e-invoicing systems of Poland and other Eastern European countries. Find out more about KSeF, including its scope, implementation timelines, technical requirements, and how to navigate the new regulations with Pagero.

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Keep up with the latest e-invoicing regulations

Stay up to date with the developments of the Polish mandate. Access our constantly-updated overview of e-invoicing regulations worldwide for the latest news about how to meet Poland’s e-invoicing, e-archiving and indirect tax regulations.

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Compliant e-invoicing with Pagero

Send and receive e-invoices and comply with the upcoming KSeF mandate with Pagero’s global network and e-invoicing solution. You can digitalize your processes and communicate seamlessly with your business partners while we take care of all technical and regulatory requirements.

The advantages of Pagero’s e-invoicing solutions

Open network

Connect to all your partners from any ERP system, regardless of their systems and digital capabilities


Exchange encrypted and secure e-documents with all your public and private trade partners

Local expertise

We offer local expertise combined with global reach to ensure easy and borderless trade


Your transactions will always fulfil archiving, timestamping, tax reporting and VAT requirements

Guide: E-invoicing compliance e-book

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead of regulatory changes is essential. Governments worldwide are introducing new e-invoicing and CTC mandates, and the rules of business is changing. Our comprehensive e-book, "Time to get ready for e-invoicing and CTC mandates," is your indispensable guide to understanding and thriving in this new era.

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Free e-book: Why make the switch to e-invoicing?

Unsure if electronic invoicing is right for your company? Download our free e-book where our experts share insights into how genuine e-invoicing can help boost your business and outline how to successfully implement e-invoicing in your business. 

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The benefits of Poland’s new national invoicing system


Tax refund will be shortened by 20 days, from 60 to 40.


Invoices will be stored in the Ministry of Finance database, preventing damage or loss.

Accelerated turnover:

Structured invoices can be received and processed faster and more accurately, leading to timely or early payment.


Structured invoices give taxpayers the full benefits of end-to-end process automation.


Mutual settlements and invoice booking are more manageable on the Krajowy System e-Faktur platform.

Fewer obligations:

Taxpayers will not have to manually store invoices, as the administration will automatically archive them for 10 years.

Less data to be sent to the tax authorities:

Taxpayers will not have to generate audit files (JPK_FA), as these will be available for authorities in the system.

Connect to a network of possibilities

Connect to the Pagero Network to digitalize your processes and streamline your operations, all while compliance with KSeF requirements are handled for you.
  • Send and receive electronic invoices
  • Comply with KSeF requirements
  • Reach and communicate digitally with all your business partners

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