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E-invoicing in Europe

Leverage automation and comply with Europe’s vast diversity of CTC and e-invoicing regulations through a single connection to the Pagero Network.

Europe: the complexity lies in the variety

While Europe has made great strides towards standardization, a dizzying variety of e-invoicing regulations and compliance requirements remains the rule. Staying compliant with the shifting requirements of 40+ countries is a time-consuming and costly undertaking for multinational businesses. That’s where Pagero comes in. Our solutions solve the dual challenges of business automation and regulatory compliance. Meaning you remain constantly compliant across all countries, at all times, and enjoy an automated flow of business documents - all through a single network provider.

High regulatory complexity

With 40+ countries, 40+ legislations, 100+ languages, doing business in Europe is complex

Constant change

Individual countries and regulatory bodies are constantly considering optimizations

Technological diversity

It’s rare for companies to issue or receive invoice in just one electronic format or via a single solution

Widespread automation

Businesses in Europe are highly invested in supply chain automation, which regulators must consider

Cover all of Europe with a single partner

Partnering with Pagero means choosing a proactive, strategic approach to e-invoicing. By connecting to the Pagero Network, you can ensure regulatory compliance wherever you operate, while also enjoying the untold benefits of automation. Our platform is open, cloud-based, and packed with smart solutions that liberate your staff from tedious data entry and document-chasing. Free up the time usually spent managing local suppliers and dedicate it to value-creation and scaling instead.

Why choose Pagero as your single provider for e-invoicing in Europe?

Save time and cut costs

Efficient implementation, low maintenance and high scalability

Compliance and automation

Cover CTC compliance and supply chain automation via a single partner

Support you can rely on

We have local expert teams and 24/7 support in most major European languages

Open and global

Use a global platform to reach all your business partners via a single connection 

On-demand webinar: Unlock Europe

Europe's e-invoicing and CTC landscape is constantly evolving. In this on-demand webinar, our in-house experts Matt Hammond and Rosalie Tengey provide an overview of Europe's regulatory landscape today. They also share their top recommendations about how you can best prepare your business to become and remain compliant across Europe's 40+ countries.  

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Blog: An overview of CTC models in Europe and worldwide

There are nearly as many types of continous transaction controls as there are countries. From real time data collection to retroactive audits, it's important to know what applies wherever you do business. We've put together a master summary of CTC models in Europe and across the world for easy reference. 

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What are continuous transaction controls for e-invoicing? Find out about CTC models and solutions for keeping up with developments.

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Speak with a member of our team about how you can streamline business document exchange and leverage automation, while becoming and staying compliant in all of Europe. 

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Learn more about e-invoicing in Europe

Learn more about ViDA

Read our blog to get familiar with ViDA (VAT in the Digital Age), an initiative introduced by the EU Commission that helps ensure the fair and efficient collection of VAT in the digital age.

Secure and compliant trade with Peppol

Peppol is a common framework that originated in Europe, which offers e-document message standards and a communication network to make trade more efficient. Learn more about it here.

Regulatory updates by country

Access comprehensive and constantly updated information about the current CTC and e-invoicing requirements in any country around the world.

Connect to a network of possibilities

Streamline and automate operations while ensuring compliance with e-invoicing and e-reporting requirements in Europe — and anywhere else you do business.
  • Meet all e-invoicing and CTC requirements across Europe
  • Send and receive electronic invoices
  • Connect to an independent, global business network

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