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Public Sector Solutions

An industry-specific solution for digitalising and streamlining purchasing and invoice management.

100% digital flows with Pagero

Pagero Public Sector Solutions are developed to help you gain full transparency across your operations with 100% digital document flows. Consolidate purchases and suppliers, enforce e-document content requirements, and meet the format and content requirements of your business partners.


Digitalise communication with all your suppliers.


Handle both customer and supplier invoices electronically.

Government platforms

Connect to your local e-document infrastructure.

Data Capture

Digitalise the receipt of emailed order and invoice documents.

Reduce AP and AR costs

Minimise admin work and speed up cycle times to save cash and time

Reduce maverick spend

Gain control with full transparency and real-time traceability

Achieve full audit capability

Easily store and view contracts and POs, including order amendments

Meet local compliance requirements

Remain compliant, no matter how local regulations may change

Gain control and transparency with Pagero Public Sector Solutions

Public Sector Solution add-ons

Supplier Portal

Give all your suppliers access to a free e-commerce communication platform, regardless of their size or digital capabilities.

  • Order to invoice flip
  • Automatic invoice validation
  • No need for supplier integration

Pagero Analytics

Access accurate and complete data to help inform smart decisions for your organisation.

  • Overview of costs in real time
  • Information at line level
  • Export of reports
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More add-ons

  • Data Capture

    Extract and capture data from paper and PDF documents at header and line level.

  • Validation

    Minimise error handling with automatic validation of incoming e-documents.

  • Enrichment

    Automatic correction and completion of data on incoming e-documents.

  • E-archive

    Archive invoices electronically to meet local legislation and increase searchability.

Supplier onboarding

Pagero’s experienced, multi-lingual onboarding team can tailor a process to get your suppliers and trading partners connected quickly and easily. Depending on your needs, we provide direct engagement and support to your business partners to get you up and running without hassle.

Connect to a network of possibilities

  • Increase transparency and traceability
  • Streamline invoice and order management
  • Access accurate data for better budgeting

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