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Make the best procurement decisions with better data. Pagero's E-procurement solution lets you digitalize and automate your entire purchase-to-pay process.

Connect to all your suppliers on one single platform

Streamline and automate your communication with suppliers through a single connection to the Pagero Network. Pagero's E-procurement solution connects seamlessly to your existing systems and helps you optimize your entire purchase-to-pay process. Control company spend, save time and use your procurement data to drive smart decision-making.


Streamlined distribution and receipt of catalogues, orders, delivery information and invoices.

Supplier Portal

Connect digitally with all your suppliers, regardless of their digital capabilities.

The advantages of e-procurement with Pagero


100% digital order, delivery and invoice handling


Increase end-to-end control of the P2P process


Automate manual tasks and reduce errors


Integrate seamlessly with all your existing systems

Add-ons for a smoother procurement process

Control your spend with Pagero Analytics

Access complete and accurate data in one place.

  • Real-time spend visibility
  • Line-level breakdown
  • Report exports
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Supplier Portal

All your suppliers gain access to a free platform for transactions.

  • Order-to-invoice flip
  • Automated invoice validation
  • No need for supplier integration

Take the first steps towards a simpler procurement process

Get an overview of e-procurement

E-procurement uses technology for sourcing and acquiring goods by connecting buyers and suppliers across industries and markets. But how does it work? Here we break down the basics of e-procurement to give you a full overview and tips to get started.

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Customize your solution with additional features and add-ons

  • E-archive

    Digital and compliant storage of all exchanged business documents.

  • AP Automation

    Digitalize and automate your supplier invoice handling.

  • Transportation management

    Streamline logistics with Pagero Transportation Management.

Supplier onboarding

Onboarding suppliers is an important step in a successful procurement digitalization project. We offer fully managed supplier onboarding — a service tailored to the strategies and goals of your business.

One connection – global reach

Experience the many benefits of a fully digital procurement process and more streamlined purchase-to-pay operations.
  • Digitalize your procurement process
  • Automate manual procurement tasks
  • Get all your suppliers on board your digital transformation

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